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CSA Constitution, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations


The Coventry Soccer Association (hereafter referred to as CSA) was founded to foster and accentuate teamwork, and to expand the idea of teamwork to instill a sense of “community”. By this we mean to include teammates, coaches, parents, opposing teams, sponsors, and Board members to work together as a whole unit and mutually take pride in the accomplishments of the league. We will bring together children within the community regardless of the child’s race, sex, color, or creed to participate in the game of soccer. We will keep the idea of sports as a pleasurable activity; that having a good time is as important as understanding the competitive aspects of winning and losing. We will instill in all members and players the ideals of good sportsmanship, integrity, loyalty, valor, and safety.

For a full PDF copy of the 2018 CSA Constitution, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations
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Basic Information for Coaches & Parents:
Ball Size

Size 3: U5, U6, U7, & U8

Size 4: U10 & U12

Size 5: U14 and above