Voting Board Member Job Descriptions

President - President Emeritus - Vice President

Secretary - TreasurerDevelopmental Director - Competitive Director

Referee Director - Coaches Director - Registrar - Fundraising Director - Facilities Director



  • Conducts and calls all General and Board meetings
  • Ex/officio of all committees
  • Signs official documents of the Soccer League
  • Can approve operating expenses up to $500.00, i.e., sign checks
    • (All checks of must be countersigned)
  • Alternate to endorse checks


President Emeritus (Immediate Past President)

  • Act as an aide to the President
  • Provide advice on organization operations and events to ensure continuity in pursuing organizational objectives
  • Lead and direct special committee designated by the BOD



  • Performs all duties and exercise all the powers of the President during his absence or incapacity
  • Performs other duties as the Board may from time to time direct
  • Oversees field maintenance and equipment
  • Can approve operating expenses up to $500.00, i.e., sign checks
    • (All checks must be countersigned)
  • Alternate to endorse checks



  • Maintains records of the Soccer League
  • Signs documents of the Soccer League with the President
  • Maintains correspondence of the Soccer League
  • Informs membership of meetings
  • Maintains names and addresses of sponsors of the Soccer League
  • Procures uniforms for Developmental program
  • Manages sponsors



  • Presents reports at General and monthly meetings
  • Endorses and deposits checks and/or money orders received
  • Pays bills upon approval of the Board or Board Member
  • Files SRI reports in a timely manner
  • Maintains a single set of records
  • Must be bonded
  • Oversees the concession stand and any fund-raisers
  • Can approve operating expenses up to $500.00, i.e., sign checks
    • (All checks must be countersigned)


Developmental Director

  • Oversees operation of Developmental program, while promoting and developing the program
  • Works with Boys Director, Girls Director, and Developmental Age Division Coordinators to manage the Developmental program
  • Schedules and oversees the forming and drafting of developmental teams
  • Works with Coaches Director to nominate and recommend coaches
  • Prepares Developmental game schedule, including Della Cioppa (end of fall recreational season) Tournament
  • Reviews referee game card for accuracy lopsided games
  • Maintains standings for results-oriented divisions
  • Coordinates the acquisition of Developmental program awards, e.g., trophies, jackets, etc.


Competitive Director

  • Oversees all Competitive programs while promoting, and developing the program
  • Solicits and nominates people to the Competitive Committee
  • Responsible for the Competitive programs’ books, i.e., monies
  • Can approve operating expenses up to $500.00 for Competitive accounts
    • (All checks must be countersigned)


Referee Director

  • Trains, educates, assists to certify, and assign referees to games, for both Developmental and Competitive programs
  • Works with Referee Coordinator, if any, regarding training and game assignments
  • Oversees payroll of referees; must remain within budget
  • Must complete referee coordinator state certification course


Coaches Director

  • Trains, educates, and assists to certify coaches for both the Developmental and Competitive programs
  • Recommends and nominates coaches to the Board for assignment to teams
  • Holds a minimum State “D” License



  • Maintains members database; members includes, players, coaches, and volunteers
  • Performs all duties of the Registrar for the Developmental program
  • Assists the Developmental Director in team formation and scheduling and managing the draft
  • Maintains and distributes current rosters for the Developmental program
  • Provides reports and other information to the town and SRI for compliance, e.g., insurance, reimbursement, and tournament rosters

Fundraising Director

  • Shall coordinate and organize all fundraising activities and manage all sponsors
  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of the Fundraising Committee in soliciting contributions from sponsors and obtaining grants necessary for the association
  • The Director of Fund-raising shall record and transfer all income to the Treasurer
  • The Director of Fund-raising shall obtain sponsors for Fall Recreational Teams
  • The Director of Fund-raising shall present a report at each Monthly Membership Meeting, and at such other times as directed by the Board of Directors, as to the status of the Association’s fund-raising activities

Facilities Director

  • Oversees Field Maintenance and Equipment
  • Oversees and manages all Association facilities to include buildings, fields, and ancillary resources
  • Shall obtain permission to use fields and facilities throughout the town, prior to soccer practice and/or game sessions
  • Shall work with the Competitive Director and Assistant Competitive Director to secure adequate availability and permission for use of indoor facilities to include but not limited to school and town gymnasiums, and nearby indoor facilities and gymnasiums (Wide World of Indoor Sports, Teamworks, West Warwick Civic Center, area Colleges and Universities, etc.)
  • Shall fulfill field requirements for all CSA recreational and competitive games by ensuring that the proper number, size, and layout of fields are provided
  • Shall provide/oversee maintenance (line striping, anchoring goals, etc.) to all fields prior to CSA recreational and competitive games
  • The Director of Facilities shall assist the Director of Equipment with the inventory, storage, purchasing, and setup/take-down of Field Equipment
  • Lead any land acquisition or lease acquisition and development committees formed to expand the resources of the organization