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CSA Members

Coventry Soccer Association (CSA) will host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 02/26/18, 6:30pm at The Elks Lodge, 42 Nooseneck Hill Road West Greenwich RI 02817. We need CSA members attendance to hold this meeting and it’s a great way to learn about what CSA has done in 2017 and has planned for 2018.

Click here to review the By-Law changes that we will be going over and voting on for approval.

This year we have three elected positions that are up for election. They are: 1) President 2) Secretary and 3) Competitive Director.

In addition to elected positions, we have various appointed positions. We added a number of these last year in an effort to get more volunteers involved and spread the board’s workload out amongst more people. While we filled most of these appointed positions during 2017, we welcome applications from anyone interested as we reappoint people to certain positions each year. Our appointed board positions are: Referee Director, Coaches Director, Registrar, Fundraising Director, Director of Facilities, Assistant Competitive Director (vacant), Assistant Developmental Director, Assistant Fundraising Director, and Webmaster & Technology Director (vacant). Please let me know if you have interest in any of these positions as we’ll appoint people to these positions within 30 days of the AGM.

If you’re not certain about a particular board position, we also have five non-voting members-at-large positions which are a great first step to helping out and getting more involved with CSA. Consider becoming a member-at-large if you’d like to get more involved but are unsure about what role and responsibilities you’d like to commit to.

We understand everyone has busy schedules but the league needs a lot of volunteers to run it. If you have interest in any of our elected or appointed board positions or the appointed members-at-large positions, please send me an email so I can create a list. I can also try to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You
Chris DeVerna
CSA President