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Players and Parents,

If you plan to play Fall Competitive Soccer, which is also known as the Fall Tournament you need to register before 1 August 17.  The season runs from 10 Sept – 29 Oct, with the games being played on Sundays. (4 home & 4 Away)  The Registration fee for Fall Competitive is $45, which does not include Referee fees.  Referee Fees will be collected by each individual coach. 

This is a competitive Program, not every child that signs up is guaranteed a roster spot.  This is a standalone program and has nothing to do with the indoor and spring season*. 

Below is the registration link:





If you intend to play Fall Competitive Soccer also known as the Fall Competitive Tournament (9/10-10/29) the deadline to sign up is 1 AUG, late fees, an additional $20 start after 28 JUL.  If you are 12 and under, you must be registered to play Recreational soccer in order to play Competitive Soccer.

Selection to a Fall Competitive Team does not guarantee a spot on an Indoor/Spring Competitive Team.  Teams selected for the Fall Competitive Program are not necessarily the same teams for the Indoor/Spring sessions.

This is a competitive program not every child is guaranteed a roster spot, players not selected for a Fall Team will have their $45 registration refunded, no late fee will be refunded.

Any Questions or Concerns please email me at

Thank you,


James H Kenney II

CSA Competitive Director