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Friday, Feb 1, 2019 6:30p to 8:30p
CSA Annual General Meeting (AGM): 

CSA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Friday February 1st, 2019
Location: Elks Club 42 Nooseneck Hill Rd, West Greenwich, RI 02817
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm


A. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association shall be held in
February. The date shall be determined and published by the Board of Directors
with a minimum of thirty (30) days public notice. This can be done via the local.

newspapers, CSA website, general mailing to current registered members, and/or email.
B. At the AGM of CSA, the procedures and debate shall be in accordance with
the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of CSA and the rules of
parliamentary law known as “Robert’s Rules of Order” (current edition).
C. The presence of at least thirty (30) voting members of this Association shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the AGM. In the event a
quorum is not established at the AGM, the meeting will be rescheduled to a date not
more than thirty (30) days from the original meeting date. Notification can be via
CSA website, general mailing to current registered members, and/or e-mail. At the
rescheduled meeting date six Board members must be present to constitute a
D. The order of business at the AGM shall be as follows:
E. Call to order
F. Reading of Minutes of previous AGM
G. Acceptance of Minutes of previous AGM
H. Reports: Reports for the AGM shall be submitted to the CSA President ten
(10) days prior to the AGM date. In notice of meeting, all CSA voting members
will be told that a copy of any report can be obtained.
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Competitive Director
6. Developmental Director
7. Referee Director
8. Coaches Director
9. Registrar
10. President Emeritus
11. Fundraising Director
12. Director of Facilities
13. Committees
I. Unfinished Business
J. Proposals for amendments/changes to the Constitution, Bylaws, and/or Rules
& Regulations of CSA
K. New Business
L. Election of Officers
M. Good of the Game
N. Adjournment